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Exercise Your Training Muscles

Last week I had a consultation with a family that ended with them being in a bit of shock. They brought me a very excited one year old Labrador Retriever and as they began relating to me some of the problems they were dealing with it came out that they had done a...

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Ignoring Genetics

This is a cute video, but also brings up a good point. Almost every time we get a contact form filled out for an adult dachshund we read in the problems section about the dog digging holes in the backyard. Did you know that dachshunds were...

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Disabling Service Dogs From Doing Their Jobs

Disabling Service Dogs From Doing Their Jobs- ‘Yes, You Can Help Yourself” By: Meg Bacanskas At Top Dog, there is a deep passion for training dogs and helping owners with behaviors ranging from regular obedience to aggression. However, there is also a second heartbeat...

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Halloween Howls, It’s Not For Dogs

Halloween Howls, It's Not For Dogs By: Meg Bacanskas Freelance Writer Halloween is a night of tricks, treats, fun and fright, but not for all.  It follows Fourth of July as one of the worst nights for dogs. Imagine how you would feel having strangers come to your...

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You Can’t Make A Jackass Outrun A Racehorse

You can’t make a jackass outrun a race horse… Growing up I used to really enjoy visiting my great uncle Melvin’s farm. He raised cattle, and always had a few horses around that would come right up to the fence and let me scratch them  behind the ears or take a carrot...

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Keep Your Dog Safe This 4th of July

Happy Independence Day Everyone! The 4th of July is such a great time to celebrate with friends, family, and loved ones. We truly do have a lot to be grateful for, and many reasons why Independence Day should be special to each of us. We hope that amidst all of the...

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