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At Top Dog we firmly believe that we can never stop increasing our knowledge about how we interact with dogs. Every dog is an individual, and the more tools we add to our toolbox the more dogs we help. This part of our website is devoted to showcasing upcoming workshops, seminars, and other events that we are hosting at the Top Dog facility.

Canine Nutrition Seminar June 22nd

Top Dog is very excited to be hosting Plear Littlefield for a Canine Nutrition Mini Seminar with an emphasis on how to develop a raw diet for your dog. Veterinary statistics are showing alarming spikes in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, thyroid issues, and almost every other health concern that you can imagine when it comes to our dogs.

June 22nd from 12pm-4pm
Cost: $25/person

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As we learn more about dogs we would hope that they would be living longer, healthier lives, but unfortunately this is simply not the case. So much of this has to do with inappropriate diets. Plear has been our go to source whenever we’ve had questions about this topic for the last couple years, and we’re so excited that we now have the opportunity to really sit down and learn from her. Plear is the founder of the most extensive raw feeding group online: The Raw Feeding Community. You can read some of her articles, as well as those that she’s compiled on the website: https://therawfeedingcommunity.com/ Raw feeding is not for everyone, and Plear will also be going over ways to choose the right kibble for your dog, supplement your dog food to improve the quality, and various other tips and tricks so that we can help to cut down on all these illnesses! If you love your pet, and you want to do the best for them you won’t miss this seminar!

June 22nd from 12pm-4pm Cost: $25/person


Emily Stoddard Workshop

Top Dog is proud to be hosting Emily Stoddard for the 4th year in a row! Event TBD

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Diabetic Alert Dog Summit

March 23-28 2020 (Please ignore date in picture at left, we’re experiencing some technical difficulties with changing that picture for some reason.)

Training Diabetic Alert Dogs is one of the most rewarding choices we’ve made in the dog training industry. We want to share that opportunity with other qualified dog trainers. We’ve attempted some short two and three day workshops in the past. Unfortunately we felt that we were just getting started when the workshops came to a conclusion. For this reason we’ve built the Diabetic Alert Dog Summit. The reason we call it a Summit, and not a school or a workshop is because we are only allowing professional trainers that already have all the basic skills required to train a dog. Therefor, we can skip the basics, and put our skills immediately to the test in training the more advanced behaviors required of a diabetic alert dog.

The other thing that makes the Summit special when compared to our other workshops is the class size. We only allow eight participants per session. Due to the popularity of the course this is obviously a blessing and a curse. We want to train as many competent and moral trainers as we can, but we just don’t feel we can do that if we let the group size get too large. The downside to this however is that the course can fill up months in advance so we recommend if you are seriously interested that you sign up as soon as you’re able to.


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