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Treating Common Ailments In Dogs

It's never fun when our beloved dogs get sick. It makes us feel awful, and sometimes helpless because they can't communicate and tell us exactly what's bothering them. Because of this many dog owners tend to overreact a bit whenever their dog starts showing any signs...

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Healthy Dogs Need Healthy Food

I get asked all the time about what I feed my dogs, and I’m not going to lie… I enjoy answering that question because I think nutrition is so often overlooked. In fact it’s so important that when a severe behavioral case comes into one of our training programs I...

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Adam’s Top Picks For Dog Toys

Folks always ask me what kinds of toys I use with my dogs. There are a lot of junk toys out there that are not only boring for your dog, but some are just plain dangerous. Since I’ve had so much curiosity about the topic I figured I’d better write about it. I’ve...

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Service Dog Etiquette

Many of you know that aside from obedience and behavioral training we also train service dogs here at Top Dog. We feel it’s our responsibility to help educate the public a bit more on service dogs, what they are and are not, and how they should be respected when you...

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