Education Is The Key.

At Top Dog we firmly believe that we can never stop increasing our knowledge about how we interact with dogs. Every dog is an individual, and the more tools we add to our toolbox the more dogs we help. This part of our website is devoted to showcasing upcoming workshops, seminars, and other events that we are hosting at the Top Dog facility.

Diabetic Alert Dog Training Summit November 6th-11th

Training Diabetic Alert Dogs is one of the most rewarding choices we’ve made in the dog training industry. We want to share that opportunity with other qualified dog trainers. We’ve attempted some short 2 and 3 day workshops in the past. Unfortunately we felt that we were just getting started when the workshops came to a conclusion. For this reason we’ve built the Diabetic Alert Dog Summit. The reason we call it a Summit, and not a school or a workshop is because we are only allowing professional trainers that already have all the basic skills required to train a dog. Therefor, we can skip the basics, and put our skills immediately to the test in training the more advanced behaviors required of a diabetic alert dog.

What will be covered:

  • What exactly a diabetic alert dog does, and does not do. There are many myths that need to be dispelled.
  • Who are the correct candidates for a diabetic alert dog (not all T1 Diabetics need one)?
  • Selecting the right dog/puppy for the job. Being a diabetic alert dog is an extremely tall order, and not all dogs make the cut. We will be doing hands on aptitude testing with puppies and adult dogs.
  • Scent Imprinting (the different stages and drills to imprinting the correct odor on the dog).
  • How to train the dog to alert.
  • Proofing and generalizing the scent detection so that the dog learns to alert no matter what.
  • Public Access training
  • Training night alerts.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Our goal with this summit is that you will leave feeling confident in starting the process to becoming a diabetic alert dog trainer so that you can go out and have a positive impact on the lives of those that are so desperately seeking help.

Requirements: As mentioned earlier, this workshop is only open to those with a solid foundation in training dogs. We require that you have a minimum two years professional experience in obedience training, competition training, or other comparable fields.

Price: $1200 includes six days of instruction, breakfast snacks (granola bars and fruit), and all lunches. Most days will run from 9am-5pm. Tuesday will run from 9am-7:30pm. Saturday will run from 9am-2pm. It is possible to still fly out on Saturday if needed. 

Each person will need to register for the workshop individually in order to attend. (In the event that two people from the same household would like to attend they still need to register separately.)

Registration Form and Payment Portal

For those that are traveling from out of town:
Our training facility is located about 1 hour from DFW Airport and 1 hour 10 minutes from Dallas Lovefield Airport. Feel free to fly into either airport and we will happily pick you up November 5th and return you to the airport on the 11th or 12th. You will not need to rent a car if you don’t want to as the facility is located directly beside the hotel. We will not be offering pickups from the airport November 6th, we know some folks like to fly in the day of the workshop, and we simply can’t get out to the airport and still start at 9am day one.
Accommodations: We are very fortunate to be just across the parking lot from a pet friendly Motel 6. It is not the most luxurious accommodations, but we’ve had good experiences with them over the last few years. 501 S Broadway St, Joshua, TX 76058 Phone: (682) 459-0040

Canine Good Citizen Evaluations October 28th at noon

Responsible Owners, Well-Mannered Dogs. The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program is recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior. In CGC, dogs who pass the 10 step CGC test can earn a certificate and/or the official AKC CGC title

$35 registration. This includes your certificate if you earn it.

We will have an outside evaluator from Denton come down to test your dog. There will be the opportunity for you to help stand in as “crowd” for other dogs’ evaluation

Please email if you want to schedule a “MINI SESSION” to brush up on any two parts of the test you’d like. The cost for the mini session will be $30 for 30 minutes.

Here’s a video showing you how the test will go.

For more information about Canine Good Citizen go to

First Friday Pizza and Training!

The pizza is huge, the training is fun, and the company is second to none! This event is growing every month, and we have so much fun putting it together. This is a great opportunity for you to practice with your dog in some new and unique environments. Our goal in any of our training programs is that people start to involve their dog more in their everyday life, and this free monthly get together will definitely help you achieve that!

This event also serves as a way that we say thank you to our loyal clients. After our initial group walk/training activity (about thirty minutes) we’ll buy a couple of Johnson County’s Largest Pizzas! We promise you won’t leave here hungry. (If you’d like to purchase your own drinks or salad you’re welcome to do so, but Adam only buys pizza!)

The Details:

  • WHO? Any past or current clients of Top Dog! That’s right, even if we trained your dog ten years ago, you’re still invited. We were grateful for you then, and we’re still grateful for you now!
  • WHAT? A free short training activity, and some delicious free pizza.
  • WHEN? The first Friday of every month at 7pm. Check the facebook page the day of the event if you think that the weather might interfere with the event. If it’s super cold or rainy we will sometimes reschedule it, cancel, or move it to the training facility.
  • WHERE? We start and end at Moontower Pizza Bar in Old Town Burleson (137 S Wilson Burleson, TX 76028). If you’re running a little late you can usually walk around the block and find us. Old Town Burleson provides a perfect training environment for us to practice our training skills!

We absolutely love spending time with our clients, and we really hope you will join us at our next First Friday Pizza Night!